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03.Aug positiv Even a 1/10 REVERSE Split Can't Make Citi a Buy (Morgan Stanley) seekingalpha.com  Seeking-Alpha
16.May positiv Citi Still a 'No Buy' After REVERSE Split (Citigroup) seekingalpha.com  Seeking-Alpha
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30.Nov / 23:37 DGAP-Adhoc: Colonia Real Estate AG: TAG Immobilien AG's 25.2% stake requires Colonia Real Estate AG to REVERSE deferred tax assets nachrichten.finanztreff.de  Finanztreff.de
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10.Dec / 14:11 DJ EANS-DD: HeidelbergCement AG / Notificatio... DJ-Newswire DJ-Newswire
06.Aug / 15:18 DJ EANS-DD: HeidelbergCement AG / Notificatio... DJ-Newswire DJ-Newswire
13.Sep / 17:48 DJ DGAP-DD: MTU Aero Engines Holding AG english DJ-Newswire DJ-Newswire
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20.Dec / 19:38 PeopleString Corporation Announces Plans to Transition to Vape Holdings, Planned Changes and Appointments prnewswire.com  PR-Newswire
20.Dec / 15:11 Lightlake Therapeutics Inc. Chief Executive Officer Letter to Shareholders prnewswire.com  PR-Newswire
20.Dec / 00:02 Flavor and Fragrance Innovation: Regional Inspirations prnewswire.com  PR-Newswire
19.Dec / 21:58 Water for Food & Beverage: Opportunities in water efficiency and gaining value from wastewater prnewswire.com  PR-Newswire
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DJ DGAP-CMS: DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft: Other admission duties to follow DJ DGAP-CMS: DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft: Other admission duties to follow DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft / Release according to Article 82 Section 9 BörseG 20.12.2013 16:53 Dissemination of a Post-admission Duties announcement, transmitted by DGAP - a company of EQS Group AG. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement. =-------------------------------------------------------------------------- DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft, ISIN AT0000818802 Notification pursuant to Section 82 (9) of the Stock Exchange Act of 1989 and Section 5 of the Publication Ordinance of 2002 relating to own stock The 14th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of DO & CO Aktiengesellschaft (formerly DO & CO Restaurants & Catering Aktiengesellschaft), domiciled in Vienna, of 5 July 2012 resolved as follows regarding Item 8 of the Agenda: a) The Management Board shall be authorised pursuant to Section 65 (1) 8 and Paras 1a and 1b of the Austrian Corporation Act (AktG) to acquire bearer shares or registered shares of the Company of an amount of up to 10% of the Company's share capital for a duration of 30 months starting on 5 July 2012, either through the stock exchange or over the counter at the lowest equivalent amount of EUR 15.- (fifteen euros) per share and the highest equivalent amount of EUR 50.- (fifty euros) per share. Trade in own shares shall be excluded as the purpose of such acquisition. The authorisation may be exercised in whole or in part or through several partial amounts and in the pursuit of one or more purposes, by the Company, by any of its subsidiaries (Section 228 (3) of the Austrian Business Enterprise Code UGB) or by third parties for account of the Company. b) The Management Board of DO & CO Restaurants & Catering Aktiengesellschaft shall be authorised to decide on an acquisitio... Weiter

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